Email Marketing in January: It’s About Relationships

January is known as the “Dead Zone” of email marketing. For several months, email marketers have been working overtime. Memorial Day kicks off a busy Summertime. Labor Day leads into the Fall special days, which roll right into Christmas. January, it seems, is the month to take some time off and prepare for Valentine’s Day. It’s a lull.

Don’t Be Fooled by the Lull

Email marketing in January may not be ideal, but there is so much you can do to make use of this time. Your subscribers aren’t going anywhere.  They may not be doing a lot of buying right now, but they will be.  When they are, where will they go?

January is a great time to build upon the existing relationship you have with your subscriber-base. Perhaps you have some Wintertime hints you want to pass along. Maybe you just want to say Hello with a loyalty coupon.

The key is, January may not be the best time to launch a new product, but it is a great time to relaunch a relationship with your subscribers. Be selfless. Be generous. Give them a reason to love you.

Now is the time for the email that doesn’t try to sell anything, or to sell more softly. Add some value to your relationship. There is no reason why a manufacturer of doorstops couldn’t take a moment to share a great hot cocoa recipe with their customers. It’s a personal touch.

Email Marketing in January is about the Personal Touch.

Email Marketing in January Personal Touch

Your goal this month is to give your customers that personal touch by email.

Some time back I ran a used bookstore. I had a policy for kids who visited for the first time.  I gave them a free book. It was really that simple. On the kid’s first visit, the kid got a free book.  There was no catch.

This was all about building a relationship with the kid. I wanted to encourage that child to read, and when they wanted to read, to purchase from me. It was long-term thinking, but it very-often had an immediate payoff.  Parents would thank me for the one free book by buying a dozen more. They would return later, and mention the free book while buying another ten or so books.

For the cost of one book (cost $0-2) I would often turn an immediate profit over the cost, with recurring payoff.

It’s all about relationships.  If you can’t do anything else with your email marketing program during the month of January, build your relationships.

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