Email Marketing on a Small Scale

Of all the email marketers I’ve worked with, the small scale marketers are my favorite. There is a big difference between the needs of a small email marketer and those of the big guys.

These days I spend more time working with the big guys. In the last week, I’ve spend a considerable amount of time working on reverse-DNS settings for two IP ranges. I’ve processed feedback loop notifications, email address changes, identified spammers, and done a lot of things that smaller email marketers never need to worry about.

There are many details to a large email operation. Contact-management alone can be a horrific chore. Monitoring blacklists, massaging the reputation of a sender, and generally staying on top of the best ways to send is a full-time job. If you’re going to be a large email marketer, you really need to have someone on staff to handle these things.  That can be expensive.

Small-Scale Email Marketing Needs Easier Solutions

As a smaller email marketer, though, you have many great options.  For one, you can choose an ESP that takes care of all these things for you. This is why we have so many email service providers that focus on the small, medium, and home business markets.

Email Service Providers come in two basic varieties. There are those that handle the management of sending, but which require you to manage your own sending environment in some way.  They may offer the hardware for your sending, but you’re responsible for managing your sending IPs in every other way. That means monitoring your deliverability, blacklists, and so much more tedious work.

The other flavor is the ESP that does it all for you.  They send from their own pool of senders.  They handle all of the deliverability, monitoring, feedback loop processing, and so much more. JangoMail, a former employer of mine, even has the ability to monitor your response for email address changes, unsubscribes, and spam..

Heck, I can’t even find something to do that for me in Thunderbird. I really want an automated inbox processing tool for email marketing that would reduce the hours required just for response-handling. We send millions of emails. You have no idea how many emails I get just from AOL addresses saying that they’ve changed to another address. That one category of response alone is hours of work each week.

The thing is, for small and medium businesses, you don’t need to worry about all of that. You could pay thousands of dollars each year in salary for a specialist.  You could also choose your ESP from those that take care of these things for you.

SMB-focused ESPs tend to have their own deliverability team in-house.  They’re processing the feedback loop reports each day.  They’re checking on blacklists constantly.  If something goes wrong, they can identify the cause, begin mitigation procedures, and have a fix or workaround in place quickly. You don’t even need to know it’s happening, because it’s happening every single day.

Anybody can send emails. ESPs provide deliverability.

The whole reason we need email service providers isn’t that we want to send email.  It’s that the bad guys, spammers, want to send it too. A quality ESP will take care of all of the worries behind your sending, and let you focus on what counts; Creating and sending quality, engaging content to your readers.

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