Suggestions for Better Email Service Provider Support

You’ve been rolling along, sending your email campaigns for weeks with no issues.  Now, suddenly, you find yourself facing a problem. It may potentially be a large problem, and it requires a call to your email service provider for assistance. Here’s how to get help.

First, take a deep breath. Stuff happens.  Things break.  People make mistakes. This mistake may even have been yours. You may not know it. Don’t get too excited. Don’t make the call angry.

Oh, and please don’t cry.Technical Support is a dedicated team of individuals whose sole job is to help you. They want to help you.  They’re on your side.  You’re not alone.

Calling in angry, though, is a real communications problem. Every significant memory of a phone call in which I had to pull some spectacular stunt was in response to an angry customer. The thing is, when you’re a jerk, the support person remembers your name.  They’ll tell the story to a co-worker.  That co-worker may remember your name from a previous call. A few calls later, and everybody knows your name. Then they have a nickname for you.  You don’t want the support person to answer the phone, mute his side momentarily, and exclaim, “I’ve got Jerkface!” to the support floor.  It happens. Oh yes, it happens.  Don’t be that guy.

In Sales, you want everyone to know who you are. Support is different.  I often have told customers, “It’s been a pleasure talking to you, and I hope we never need to speak again.”

Remember, the person answering the phone is there to help you. Helping you effectively makes you happy.  Helping you fast makes everybody happy.

Be clear about your issue. Tell them the short story, starting from the issue’s point of origin.  I’ve had issue stories that started with waking up in the morning. I’ve heard divorce stories, war stories, family dramas, sob stories, and so much more before getting to the part where the customer logged into the account.  Seriously. Just the facts, Ma’am. Do be clear about those facts. Have your username (but don’t say your password), and any lists, messages, contacts, or other pieces that may be relevant.

The key is, be a partner in your support. The support tech is your partner in this solution.  Too many see the support tech as part of the enemy.

The job of the support tech is to advocate on the behalf of the customer to the developers, admins, and leaders of the company. Help them advocate for you, and you’ll get further faster.

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